I am keen to hear from the following individuals who have an interest and capital to invest in IT, Telcom and/or Ecommerce arena.

The target is to offer full service offerings to the SME market, covering areas such as Network set up, support and maintenance, backup, Website designs and online Ecommerce platforms. The individuals need to be jack of all trades, goal driven with an attitude to manage projects and meet customer’s requirements.

Individuals should have two tier targets. Firstly to develop an Ecommerce which will be used by TULIP in Import/Export and Ecommerce projects and secondly to offer similar services to SME organisations across greater London area . These projects will be based on multi-user platform, entailing of a network of desktops, running email, servers and multiple applications. The TULIP project will be a prototype hence offering a launching platform for seeking potential clients.

In the telecom arena, I am interested in hearing from individuals with experience in Mobile, IP, Video based systems. Seeking individuals with familiarity in installing third parties’ products and systems.

Across all these areas you should feel comfortable to be sales, technical and business oriented.

To envisage the potential in this industry, you just need to drive around to see the vast number of organisations we have in greater London. In general, southeast of England is concentrated with many firms. The competition is there and there exists many players. As a team, offering a good service, there would be a lot of opportunities still.

I would also be delighted to hear from individuals and firms in Iran and Dubai who may be interested to participate in Outsourcing projects and seeking local market niche!

There is also room for individuals who have a good networks of individuals and firms for facilitating projects.

More explanations on any of the above issues can be offered to genuine interests upon request!

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